For many years, the LDS Church has specified and used macro synthetic reinforcing fibers in meeting house slabs and temple floors as an alternate to conventional temperature-shrinkage steel reinforcement. Based on these past experiences, LDS Church wanted to add toughness and durability to their facility’s new pervious concrete parking lot.

The project involved more than 100,000 square feet of parking spaces and driving lanes, placed over 10 inches of 1-inch gravel, water-retention and recharge bed material. FORTA FERRO-GREEN macro fiber reinforcement was utilized at a dosage rate of 5 lbs/yd3. In all, more than 1,850 cubic yards of pervious concrete was placed at 6 inches thick for the parking areas and 8 inches thick for the driving lanes.

Company:FORTA Corporation
Project:LDS Church Pervious Parking Lots
Location:Mesa, Arizona

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