A new, 200,000-square-foot Wal-Mart Supercenter in Salt Lake City needed parking space, but the store’s crowded, urban location limited the available room for open air surface parking. The solution was a one-level, supported parking terrace.

Structural engineer Carl Walker, Inc. utilized a concrete mix containing STRUX 90/40 at a dosage rate of 4.5 lbs/yd3, along with ADVA 100 Superplasticizer, to reinforce the slab-on-ground concrete of the store’s parking terrace and other high traffic areas, such as the pedestrian ramp connecting the terrace and store, and the delivery area in the busy loading docks. This allowed workers to drive trucks directly on the grade to pour the concrete, saving time and labor.

Company:Grace Construction Products
Project:Wal-Mart Parking Terrace
Location:Salt Lake City, Utah

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