The 88,000-square-foot pavement portion of the Joint Use Maintenance and Paint Hangar 1006 required loading capacity for aircraft as large as a Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 777-300ER. The project was originally specified with two layers of #4 rebar at 18″ o.c. in a 12″ thick concrete slab.

Concrete contractor TWC Concrete Services, LLC replaced the steel with FORTA-FERRO synthetic macro-fiber at a dosage rate of 5 lbs/yd3, with joint spacing at 15 feet. More than 20,000 pounds of FORTA-FERRO was utilized to increase the fatigue resistance and flexural strength of the slab under the heavy point loads of the large aircraft.

Company:FORTA Corporation
Project:AMES Hangar 1006
Location:Cincinnati, Ohio

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