Durafiber, Inc.


Overton Park Conservancy Bike Gate Plaza


Memphis, Tennessee

The City of Memphis sought to design a bike gate plaza at its historic Overton Park, which involved constructing a large terrace to serve as a public convergence of city sidewalks, a Greenline rails-to-trails bike path and a gateway to Overton Park Trailheads. Architects Askew, Nixon & Ferguson collaborated with Baltz & Sons Concrete to design a massive sculptural archway composed of interwoven scrap bicycles for the terrace’s focal point.

The plaza was surfaced with pervious concrete, five different aggregate blends, broom-finish and foundation mixes from Memphis Ready-Mix to create a contrasting finish, minimize impact to the surrounding wooded area and reduce costs. Baltz & Sons Concrete reinforced the concrete mixes with Solomon Ultrafiber 500, which helped create an aesthetically pleasing finish while retaining the charcoal gray integral pigment.