The 2021 Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association leadership recently transitioned to a new team with the election of Michael Mahoney from Euclid Chemical as President and Eric Campbell of ABC Polymer as Vice-President. The new terms became effective for the 2021 calendar year and follow on annual elections of officers during meetings held at World of Concrete. Dave Bye of Fabpro will continue to serve duties as Secretary Treasurer with Sally Victory at Middle Tennessee State University acting as staff administrator.

Mahoney previously served as President from 2012-2015 and currently acts as the Director of Marketing and Technology, Fiber Reinforced Concrete where he manages technical activities, R&D projects, marketing initiatives and technical sales support on fiber products. He was preceded by Dr. Charles Nmai of Master Builders who served as FRCA President from 2016-2020.

Campbell is the Director of Engineering for ABC Polymer supporting the technical activities of ABC’s national salesforce. Cliff MacDonald of Forta Fiber previously held the VP position up to his retirement from the Association in 2020.

The current 2021 Board of Directors for the Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association can be found here: FRCA Board Members