Elasto Plastic Concrete (EPC) is the leading global supplier of structural synthetic fibre reinforcement. EPC’s Barchip synthetic fibres reduce overall reinforcement costs, reduce project costs, increase toughness performance and most importantly increase the durability of concrete assets.

EPC is an organization focussed on providing our customers the highest level of technical and application support. Our team of engineering, concrete and plastics specialist continually redefine the limits of synthetic fibre technology, delivering unmatched performance and usability to EPC clients around the word. EPC supplies Barchip synthetic fibre reinforcement into every major construction sector and for all types of projects. We’ve built our reputation on the strength of our people and on our products which have been tried and tested by major corporations and engineering experts worldwide.

EPC’s Barchip reinforcement has been used as the primary reinforcement in over 50 major tunneling projects worldwide.


Patrick Lewandowski