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Representing major manufacturers, suppliers and marketers of the world’s most popular fiber reinforcement products in the concrete industry, each member company is engaged, informed and up to date on the latest information on FRC.


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FRCA Members

Applied Polymer Industries 
Contact: Eric Campbell | VP, Technical Services

ABC Polymer Industries, LLC is a fully integrated, diversified plastics manufacturing company located near Birmingham, Alabama. Its primary products include polypropylene fibers for secondary concrete reinforcement, fibrillated polypropylene yarn and reprocessed polypropylene resin. ABC Polymer delivers more than 18 concrete reinforcement fibers, including micro-synthetic, fibrillated, macro-synthetic, steel and a variety of blends. The company also imports and distributes flexible intermediate bulk containers, or bulk bags.

BarChip Inc.
Contact: Patrick Lewandowski | Director, North America

Elasto Plastic Concrete (EPC) is the leading global supplier of structural synthetic fibre reinforcement. EPC’s Barchip synthetic fibres reduce overall reinforcement costs, reduce project costs, increase toughness performance and most importantly increase the durability of concrete assets.

Contact: Mike Deaton | President & General Manager

Durafiber, Inc. has furnished fiber reinforcement for concrete projects since 1991. These projects range from heavy and light commercial to decorative and residential, as well as precast applications. Its fiber products include cellulose, polypropylene, multifilament and fibrillated, macro fibers and steel fibers. Durafiber has been a member of FRCA since its inception.

The Euclid Chemical Company
Contact: Mike Mahoney, P. Eng, FACI | Director, FRCA Marketing & Technology

The Euclid Chemical Company is the leading provider of specialty concrete chemicals and building materials to the construction industry worldwide. Its products include concrete and masonry admixtures, concrete fibers, curing and sealing compounds, structural grouts, epoxy adhesives, floor hardeners and toppings, joint fillers, industrial and architectural coatings, decorative color/stains/stamps, and a comprehensive selection of restoration materials. Euclid Chemical also offers a wide range of technical support services, including research and development, seminars and training programs, and design and installation consultation for contractors, architects, engineers and building owners.

FabPro Polymers
Contact: Dave Bye | Vice President & General Manager

Fabpro Polymers is the premier developer and manufacturer of synthetic fibers for reinforced concrete worldwide. It specializes in high-performance polymers and synthetic fibers for agricultural, construction and specialty applications. Fabpro is a division of Great Lakes Polymer Technologies, a global leader of innovative polymer technologies.

Fibermesh, Sika Corporation
Contact: Carl Labbe | Application Engineer, R&D

Sika Corporation, based in Lyndhurst, NJ, is a leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials that serve construction and industrial markets, including transportation, marine and automotive. Its technologies are focused on sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting. Sika’s product lines include roofing, concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, epoxies, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring, sealants, adhesives, specialty acoustic and reinforcing materials.

FORTA Corporation
Contact: Gerry Welch | Director of Engineering

FORTA Corporation is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fiber reinforcement products for a wide variety of concrete applications, ranging from pre-cast vaults, tanks and wall panels, to site-cast floors, parking lots and bridge decks. Its products include macrofibers, special fibers, fibrillated and monofilament microfibers, fiber transport systems and concrete admixtures. FORTA is recognized worldwide as a leader in synthetic fiber research and development.

GCP Applied Technologies
Contact: Matt Mulheron | Engineering Services

GCP Applied Technologies is a leading global provider of construction products technologies used to enhance the durability, strength and appearance of structures. These include additives for cement and concrete, micro and macro synthetic fibers, concrete surface treatments, the Verifi® in-transit concrete management system, high performance waterproofing products, and specialty systems. GCP products have been used to build some of the world’s most renowned structures.

Contact: Gerry Koutavas | Manufacturer & Import Distribution Representative

Established in 1973 as a subsidiary of Sabanci Holding, Kordsa is positioned as the global leader of its sector, providing reinforcement materials to the leading tire companies of the world. Over the years Kordsa utilized its experience in industrial fiber technologies and enlarged its reinforcement areas to the composite and construction markets as well by introducing its pioneering fiber reinforcement technology brand KraTos. With its U.S. headquarters based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, CE- certified KraTos Macro and Micro Synthetic Fibers stand out as the ultimate concrete reinforcement fibers due to their innovative technologies, specially designed top performing materials, and their proven long-term performance and durability qualities in global infrastructure and superstructure construction projects.

Contact: Jeremy Mitchell | Marketing Resource Manager

MAPEI, is a leading manufacturer of admixtures for concrete. From admixtures to pre-cast, to ready-mix, to paving, our innovative, technology-driven, custom-manufactured solutions, service, and technical support are unmatched. Our products include: The Re-Con line— which turns a waste product into a revenue stream, fibers, superplasticizers, accelerators, and more. MAPEI has 18 manufacturing facilities employing more than 1,700 people throughout North America and the Caribbean. A member of the U.S. Green Building Council, MAPEI is certified to the stringent standards of ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management. 

Master Builders Solutions
Contact: Dan Vojtko | Fiber Product Line Manager

Master Builders Solutions is the global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. Its comprehensive construction chemicals portfolio includes concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions, concrete repair and protection solutions, performance grouts and performance flooring solutions.

Monahan FiberWorx
Contact: Matt Monahan | President

FiberWorx is a true manufacturer and leading innovator of Synthetic Fibers for the reinforcement of concrete and other cementicious applications. We specialize in understanding, and meeting the customer’s real need, with solutions that bring value – both economically and with higher product performance. FiberWorx provides a complete line-up of highly engineered Fibers, dedicated to solving most application requirements.

Solomon Colors, Inc
Contact: Aaron Thomas | Executive VP, Sales & Marketing  

As a global leader, Solomon Colors has provided service and quality to our customers for over seven decades while remaining family-owned and employee-owned. Innovation and solutions go hand in hand at Solomon Colors, with research and development as our core focus. As the industry leader in decorative concrete and concrete pigments, Solomon Colors has always looked for ways to improve concrete. This is why Solomon Colors entered the fiber industry with UltraFiber 500 cellulose microfibers and UltraFiber 302. From fiber, to equipment, to color, to training – every improvement we make is about meeting our customers’ needs to help you do your business better.