Fiber reinforced concrete can be used for a variety of applications.

It is ideal for use in concrete applications that require protection from plastic and drying shrinkage, improved durability, increased service life and reduced construction costs. For real-world examples of FRC applications, view our project case studies.  

A sustainable and cost-effective alternative to steel rebar, FRC can reduce the total energy consumption of a construction project and support sustainable building practices.


Farm and animal storage structures, such as building walls, silos and paved areas for feedlots.


Interior and exterior floors, including polished concrete, slabs, parking areas and roadways.

Elevated Decks

Composite steel deck construction and elevated formwork for commercial and industrial use, such as at airports and shopping centers.

Highways, Roadways & Bridges

Conventional concrete paving, white topping, SSC, barrier rails, curbs/gutters, pervious concrete and sound attenuation barriers.



Lock structures, dams, channel linings, ditches and storm-water structures.


Mining & Tunneling

Precast segments and shotcrete, such as tunnel lining, shafts, slope stabilization and sewer work.

Ports & Airports

Runways, taxiways, aprons, seawalls, dock areas and loading ramps.

Precast Concrete & Products

Architectural panels, tilt-up construction, building walls, septic tanks, bank vaults, grease traps and sculptures.


Driveways, sidewalks, basements, shotcrete pool construction, foundations, drainage and colored concrete.

Structural Reinforcement

Minimum shear reinforcement in components such as beams, structural walls and elevated slabs.



Dams, lock structures, channel linings, ditches, storm-water structures, etc.


Other Applications

Any other FRC-related applications not specifically described above.