The Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association (FRCA) is focused on furthering the development, knowledge and market of fiber reinforced concrete (FRC), a concrete mixture that is reinforced with dispersed, randomly oriented fibers.
FRCA was initially formed in 1991 as an association focused solely on the promotion of synthetic fiber-reinforced concrete. Today, FRCA – following a name change and total redraft of the by-laws and mission – has emerged as an association that services all of the fiber types commercially available in the world market.

Members of the association represent major manufacturers, suppliers and marketers of the world’s most popular fiber reinforcement products in the concrete industry. Each of these member companies is committed to developing and increasing awareness of the most current, accurate information on fiber reinforced concrete.

A partnership with the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Department at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) was established to enhance the value of FRCA to member companies and the concrete industry, and to promote fiber reinforced concrete as an alternative solution to secondary/temperature-shrinkage reinforcement of concrete and shotcrete.

Through this partnership, CIM and MTSU will perform a number of functions:

  • The CIM Department will develop a repository for technical papers relating to fiber reinforced concrete
  • MTSU’s Civil Engineering Department will conduct research sponsored by FRCA
  • Sponsor seminars will be held annually on MTSU’s campus to further disseminate all fiber reinforced concrete related information and current research results worldwide