The Fiber Reinforced Concrete Association’s (FRCA) board of directors, listed below, include members that represent major manufacturers, suppliers and marketers of the world’s most popular fiber reinforcement products in the concrete industry.

President:  Mike Mahoney, The Euclid Chemical Company,

Vice President:  Eric Campbell, ABC Fibers,

Secretary/Treasurer:  Dave Bye, Fabpro Polymers,

Charles Nmai, Master Builders Solutions,

Gerald Welch, FORTA Corporation,

Matthew Mulheron, GCP Applied Technologies,

Mike Deaton, Durafiber, Inc.,

Carl Labbe, Fibermesh,

Aaron Thomas, Solomon,

Patrick Lewandowski, Barchip Inc.,

Matt Monahan, Monahan Filaments, Inc.,

Colin Graham, Palomino Plant USA,

Gerald Koutavas, Kordsa,

Bob Zellers, Honorary Member,