This page is dedicated to professionals who have served the concrete fiber industry before us.

George Mitchell – Mitchell Fibercon International | 1954 – 2017

George began his career in Pittsburgh at Mitchell Industries, founded by his father. Together with his father and brother, George purchased U.S. Steel Fibercon from the U.S. Steel Corporation in 1980—growing it into one of the leading international companies for steel fiber reinforcement. For 25 years, George served as president of the business.

Dennis Hogan – Fibermesh | 1937 – 2017

Beginning and ending his concrete career with the Illinois DOT’s Concrete Materials Division, Dennis also spent a decade with BASF as director of public works, five years with the American Concrete Pavement Association as marketing director and president of its Materials Division, and leading marketing efforts for the Fibermesh Company (Propex). One of the first directors of FRCA, his vision was for fiber companies to work together to promote FRC technology.

Jeffrey B. Lovett – FORTA Corporation | 1963 – 2015

During his 35-year career at FORTA, Jeff drove the development and growth of the first synthetic fiber reinforcement company in the U.S. As such, he had produced concrete fibers longer than any one else in the world. His innovations in fiber and packaging technology set numerous industry standards and resulted in his inventor status for seven issued patents during his lifetime.

Mel Galinat – Fibermesh | 1937 – 2013

A “hands-on” field technician for Fibermesh and active member of multiple ACI and ASTM committees, Mel served as a concrete specialist and sales engineer for the business. He enjoyed experimenting with concrete fibers, such as using fiber-reinforced panels in controlled-blast exposure conditions. His early pioneering work in the FRC industry yielded many of the fundamentals and practices that are still used today.

Peter Tatnall – Bekaert/Fibermesh | 1938 – 2013

Pete started his concrete career in 1963 with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, followed by nearly 15 years with Lehigh Cement. His focus on steel FRC began in 1979 with Bekaert Corporation, before moving to Novocon International until his retirement. Pete was an active member of the American Concrete Institute, ASTM and American Shotcrete Association. Named an ACI Fellow in 1999, he was a tireless ambassador for FRC for more than 30 years.

Jim Speakman – Durafiber | 1951 – 2012

One of the first marketers of synthetic FRC, Jim paved the way for bringing natural (cellulose) fibers to the concrete industry and initiated the movement that led to the formation of FRCA. One of his biggest accomplishments was serving as a key promoter for the development of the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program at Middle Tennessee State University.