ABC Polymer Industries, LLC is a fully integrated, diversified plastics manufacturing company located near Birmingham, Alabama. Its primary products include polypropylene fibers for secondary concrete reinforcement, fibrillated polypropylene yarn and reprocessed polypropylene resin. ABC Polymer delivers more than 18 concrete reinforcement fibers, including micro-synthetic, fibrillated, macro-synthetic, steel and a variety of blends. The company also imports and distributes flexible intermediate bulk containers, or bulk bags.


Robert Charles “Bobby” Zellers | Chief Engineer

Zellers provides engineering support for customers, in addition to issuance of Letters of Certification for specific projects. With more than 30 years of experience in the fiber reinforced concrete industry, he has authored or co-authored more than 30 technical papers and has lectured on the subject at organizational functions worldwide, such as the World of Concrete, American Concrete Association (ACI), American Society of Civil Engineers and National Ready-Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA). Zellers’ knowledge and expertise has helped ABC Polymer play a role in the fiber reinforced concrete education of engineers, contractors and ready-mix concrete producers through e-newsletters. Zellers is a board member and past president of FRCA, and a board member of NRMCA’s Materials Division. He is also a committee and/or sub-committee member of ASTM International, ACI and Transportation Research Board. Zellers holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Youngstown State University.


Ellyn Veal | Applications Engineer, Concrete Fibers

Veal provides engineering support for customers, in addition to championing project lead platforms and preparing project submissions that focus on replacing steel with concrete fibers to reinforce plastic and secondary/temperature shrinkage. Prior to joining ABC Polymer, she was an applications engineer for geotextiles, rolled erosion control products and concrete fibers at Fibermesh (now Propex Concrete Systems). Veal is active with the American Concrete Institute and the American Society of Civil Engineers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


Denzil Schmitz | Senior Vice President, Concrete Fibers Sales & Marketing

Schmitz is responsible for sales and marketing support for Polypropylene Fiber and its applications in the concrete ready-mix and erosion control product lines. Prior to joining ABC Polymer, he worked in sales for 19 years, with a strong focus on heavy equipment and construction. Previously, he worked for a Fortune 500 managed health care company while receiving the designation Professional from the Academy of Healthcare Management. Denzil holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Florida State University.